I’ve had to reinstall OS X Lion in the past few days. Here is a list of apps that I really like (in no particular order)

Chrome / Firefox – Pretty much all that I use Safari for (sorry, apple!)

Twitter – obvious reasons

Alfred – really great app launcher (and other stuff)

Caffeine – keep your mac awake for longer

Skype – Well, more out of necessity.

Dropbox – would have been lost without this!

Virtualbox / vagrant – dev tools.

Homebrew + git + vim – more dev tools…

GitX – Nice OS X native git gui.

1Password – Conundrum – what do you do when your password file is in dropbox, and your dropbox password is in 1Password? Use the iPhone app! Brilliant.

Moom – really cool window resizing management for OS X

Growl – part of OS X but deserves a mention for v1.3 in the app store.

iTerm2 – much nicer than the default Terminal.

I’ll leave it at that for now. Will update this if I remember anything else that I have missed!