REST and the Hypermedia Constraint

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The video of my talk at PHPNW ’11 has now been posted online at


Speaking at PHPNW 2011

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I’m delighted to have been accepted to speak on REST and HATEOAS at the PHPNW conference. This marks the start of my speaking ‘career’, something that I have wanted to kick start for some time. The subject matter is something that I am very interested in, and it gives me a chance (and a focus point) for one of my pet projects that actually gets a little day to day usage over on It’s been needing a well designed (and easy to use) API to give it the edge over other file sharing websites, and being accepted to speak at PHPNW on REST has given me the motivation that I need to polish this area of the site and it gives me the opportunity to explain REST with a real life practical example, that people can actually go away and play with.

The abstract is as follows;

REST and HATEOAS: A Case Study

A RESTful API is only truly RESTful if it uses hypermedia to tell us
about all the actions that can be performed on the curent resource,
allowing us to traverse the API from a single entry point. This
session looks at REST and HATEOAS (Hypermedia As The Engine Of
Application State) to illustrate good service structure.

We’ll use the RESTful file sharing service to illustrate the
various examples of how this can be used. This session is recommended
for architects and senior developers alike and will give a good
grounding in writing excellent, self-explanatory RESTful services.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Ryan Tomayako – How I explained REST to my wife

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Having attended a talk by David Zuelke on Saturday at the PHPNW Conference 2010, he provided a link at the end of his talk to a blog post by Ryan Tomayoko, titled ‘How I explained REST to my wife’.

It’s a brilliantly simple explanation of something that I have struggled to vocalise for a few years!

Here it is in all it’s glory (don’t be scared by the size of the page – it’s mostly comments!).

Ryan Tomayoko – How I explained REST to my Wife